How to build your first Warframe Build – A Beginner’s Guide

Want to build a Warframe on your own but not sure where to begin from? Warframe is a tremendous game all about your choice. But, it takes some time for the beginners to understand what exactly going on in the game.

How to build your first Warframe build

As a new player, you may be curious about how to start building your Warframe. In this guide, we’ll steer you how to build your first Warframe. So, without any further ado, let’s build the Warframe.

How do you build a Warframe?

Once you enter into the game, you’ll be able to build the brutal Warframe Rhino as his components are available on Venus. Before moving ahead, let’s briefly cover what is required to create a Warframe build in the game.

  • Warframe Blueprint
  • Chassis
  • Neuroptics   
  • Systems

How to build first warframe

In Warframe, you’ll be able to purchase the blueprint of a Warframe in the market for credits. But, these components are only acquirable by completing various tasks in your game or by defeating other players. 

In the case of Rhino, you’ll be able to acquire the component blueprint by winning the Jackal on Venus. As a part of the mission rewards, you’ll be awarded a random component. Without building your components, you can’t begin to build your Warframe. 

How to build the components?

Once you acquire all the components of Rhino, build them in the Foundry.

How to build your first warframe

The resources that are required to build the components are:

  • 150 Alloy Plate
  • 1000 Ferrite
  • 1 Control Module
  • 3 Morphics
  • 600 Plastids
  • 800 Rubedo
  • 15o Polymer Bundles
  • 500 Salvage

How to build Rhino?

How to build your first warframe

Once you’ve built all the components, your final step is to build Rhino. You will need to purchase the blueprints for Rhino from the market. Once you’ve purchased the blueprint, go to the Foundry to build your first Warframe. 

Along with the above-mentioned resources, you’ll need 1 Gallium to build the Warframe. This can be procured by winning Lt. Kril at the War node on Mars. With this resource, it takes around 72 hours to build Rhino. Once you’ve built your first Warframe, you can start your space adventure with your Warframe warrior. 


Finally, you’ve built your first Warframe to battle with the other warriors on space. So, why still waiting, start your space adventure with your Warframe build and have fun! 


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