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How to Remove Write Protection in Micro SD Cards?

You may have had problems with situations in which Windows can not copy anything to a write-protected storage medium. This article will guide you the methods to disable write protection feature on your SD card.

You may felt frustrated at times because Windows cannot copy any file or folder due to the write protection enabled on your SD card or USB key. However, Windows can able to access content already stored on the storage medium.
Most people think that write protection is a problem, but it is actually designed to protect your SD card or pen drive from unauthorized writing. Sometimes this advantage in itself causes anguish and irritation. In this article, I’ll talk about methods that will help you disable write protection on your SD card or pen drive.

Take a look at these methods:

Slide the switch to disable write protection:
SD cards and some USB flash drives have a switch used to enable or disable write protection. You may have changed the position of this slider. In the case of a micro SD card, insert it into an adapter and then try to slide the switch.

Use an antivirus

You can scan the SD card or the write-protected pen drive with antivirus software. There are chances that some malicious programs or virus present in your SD card.

You may be running out of space:

It’s not that every time you have bad hardware or malware in your card. The file you are trying to copy may be larger than the available space on your SD card or USB flash drive. Access the properties of your USB key or SD card to see if you have enough space.

In addition, the problem could be related specifically to this file. The file can be set to Read Only. You can delete it by going to the properties of this file and deselecting the Read Only check box.

Disable write protection using the command line (CMD)

You may want to go a step further if the above methods do not help you get the deal. Use the Windows command prompt to disable write protection on the SD card or pen drive.

Here are the steps:

  • Connect your write-protected SD card to your computer.
  • Right click on Start. Click Command Prompt (Administrator). Click Yes in the UAC message.
  • Type diskpart and press Enter.
  • TYPE list disc and press Enter. Here you can see a list of storage media connected to your computer, such as your internal hard drive, SSD, USB key or SD card via an adapter.
  • Type select disk . Example, select disk 1 in my case. Be sure to enter the number correctly and not to change the attributes of the internal hard disk or other storage media.
  • Enter “ attributes disk clear readonly” and press Enter.
  • Type exit and press Enter to exit the diskpart utility. Type exit and press Enter again to exit the command line.
  • Now that you have finished disabling write protection on the USB flash drive or on the SD card. Windows can copy files and folders to your SD card.

So, this is how you remove write protection feature in SD card. Hope this article helps.