How to Fix Android Process aCore Error?

The popular Android operating system installed on billions of devices around the world is not immune to system failures. Device owners face errors that reduce the performance of their devices and limit the functionality of various applications. If the message “acore Android process” appears on the screen, stay calm and do not worry: just follow the instructions if you want to repair the operation of the smartphone.

The reasons why problems occur:

An error in software malfunction can be detected on any device, regardless of the installed version of the Android operating system.

Trouble point:

  • accidental or intentional deletion of important files and folders;
  • failure of system programs;
  • installation of different software of the same type and with similar functions, with a consequent conflict between executable files;
  • viral infection
  • Most of the time, users complain that they encounter difficulties when working with Hangouts Messenger, “Calendar” and “Contacts”, but the error “Android Process acore” is also typical of WiFi modules, “Camera”, Google Maps, “Navigator” and other applications.

How to solve this defect:

  • Perform data recovery of a program that does not work;
  • uninstall the;
  • edit the others.xml file
  • get rid of malware on your device;
  • perform a factory reset
  • on your smartphone.

Restoring the “Contacts” function

If you get the error message “Unfortunately, the Android process acore has stopped” when you try to edit or add new contacts, you need to:

  • Go to the configuration of your device;
  • select the “Applications” section, subsection “All”;
  • click on “Contacts storage”;
  • Run the “Clear data” process.
  • All information will be deleted, but your device will start working constantly. We recommend that you enable synchronization with Google contacts if you do not want to lose important phone numbers.

How to solve problems related to “Calendar”, Hangouts and WiFi

You can fix the error in storing the calendar on your device and Hangouts as follows:

  • select “Settings”, then “Applications”;
  • check the status of the program;
  • change it: stop an application running or vice versa;
  • restart the device.

If the error refers to the WiFi module:

  • determine which programs access the Internet via WiFi;
  • Delete them one by one after checking if the problem is solved.

Edit the others.xml file

Sometimes when the owner of a smartphone plays with root rights, he interrupts the operation of their devices and some programs. In Android, you can extend the functionality of the device by editing a special file. You will find it in the folder system /csc/.

Virus removal:

Devices with extended rights (root access) are vulnerable to malware attacks that block individual system files. As a result, the user sees a window indicating that “the Android process has stopped unexpectedly”.

Ways to solve the problem:

If nothing can help …

In some cases, the standard recommendations are not appropriate. The only way to solve it is to perform a hard reset or reset a smartphone. Note that one of these actions will remove all user applications and other data.

How to perform a reset:

Look for “Factory Reset” option in your settings;
Resetting about your phone will surely help you solve many types of problems. You can do it alone or use the services provided by a support center.

So, this is a normal problem that every smart phone users face. Try out these methods and find out which works for you. hope this article helps you all.