How to remove rust from Electric kettle easily under 5 minutes

Electric Kettles are much popular because they can boil water significantly faster than a stove-top kettle. In addition, using this appliance instead of a microwave is a more efficient way to boil your water and make delicious maggie quickly.

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You can notice a stain on the bottom of your kettle’s interior that resembles rust, which can affect the performance of the appliance and also deteriorate the quality of the water. Cleaning an electric Kettle regularly is very important to increase its lifespan and function as well.

How do you clean an Electric Kettle?

Using Vinegar:

To get rid of rust, pour a 1-to-1 solution of white vinegar and water in your kettle. Let it sit for nearly 15 minutes and then boil for 5 minutes. Once boiled, let sit for at least another 15 minutes. Then, rinse out the kettle with fresh water to kettle with fresh water. If you still notice lingering traces of vinegar, you can add a tablespoon of baking soda to a filled kettle and heat them again. Baking soda does a job of neutralizing the scent of vinegar and helps you to remove stubborn limescale stains.

Using Lime/Lemon water:

Prepare a mixture of 500ml water and spoon of lime or lemon. Boil the mixture in the kettle for about 20-30 mins. Empty the solution from the kettle and unplug the kettle then cool it down. Now, wipe the remaining hard water residue from the kettle using a small amount of sodium bicarbonate on a damp cloth. Finally, rinse the kettle for 4-5 times with fresh water before using it.


Cleaning is an important part of equipment maintenance. You should follow the proper methods when you clean your electric kettle. If the limescale stains still remain after this process, try repeating it a couple of time or leave the vinegar solution in your kettle overnight. If this does not resolve your issue, feel free to reach us in the comment section.

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